„I never could have come up with the relativity theory without ROCKET WORDS!“
- Albert Einstein



Well, we never know if Einstein ever made a statement as such, but we also never know if he did not. So we leave it as it may be.


Here are a few things you definitely can say about ROCKET WORDS:

ROCKET WORDS will surely make you an addict for word games if you not already are. If you are, you will love it. Test your skills in building and finding words and challenge your friends, foes, and family. Build words out of letters and try to find the keyword to shoot your rocket sky-high and higher than the others to conquer the space of knowledge.

This game will teach you with every round and you will enlarge your personal vocabulary — bulletproofed by the world's well-known dictionary company PONS. Get smarter with every match and brag with words others would have to look up — that’s how good this game can get. It’s fun, addictive, challenging and good to jog your brain activity.


Play it wherever you like. Sofa, train, walk, restroom — yes, I’ve said it. Come on, we all play in the restroom once in while!


Anyway, be careful. You start with two matches and will end up playing two days without breaks — it’s that thrilling!







• Intuitive and challenging Gameplay

• Play against friends and favorites

• Play to learn

• Lovely graphics and cool rockets to chose from

• Challenging high score lists and stats




Let your rocket take off!


Download your version now: